Why Choose Us?

Consumables Management

Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s modern organizations.
Secret efficiencies abound in all offices, whether highly technical or not.

Assigned Imaging and Printing Specialists

whychooseusnewThey give you peace of mind. Your dedicated print consultant comprehensively handles your account as the single contact for all your deliveries, ordering, warranty, troubleshooting, returns and service concerns. She identifies efficiencies in hardware use and will consult regarding convergence, managed print services, page flow, budgeting and upgrades. No other provider offers this outstanding service. Professional consultation ensures you are making informed decisions and staying on top of technology.
Your consultant is on your staff while not on your payroll!

Complimentary Preventive Maintenance Cleaning Service

Your consultant annually PM’s all your imaging devices that use Infinitek™ Toner. Level One support and troubleshooting is complimentary. This helps extended service life, increase productivity, decrease costly downtime and avoidance of unexpected capital expenditures. Clean, serviced printers work better!

Made in Canada by Us!

made in canadaInfinitek™ brand compatible print cartridges are locally manufactured by us in Canada where quality and consistency can be controlled and assured. You can feel secure knowing you are not using off shore counterfeit products which may void warranties, violate printer manufacturer patents, damage expensive hardware and are not recyclable. To SS Laser Tech Ltd, behaving in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner is a way of doing business. You are welcome to tour our facilities.

Environmental Responsibility

To SS Laser Tech Ltd., operating in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner is a proper way of doing business. Everything we do, at every level of every process across all SS Laser Tech Ltd. locations, is part of a continuing program to support responsibilities in Climate Protection, Preserving Biodiversity, Pollution Control and Waste Reduction. Your consultant picks up used toners for recycling.

hands with plantClimate Protection
We reduce our carbon footprint by cutting energy use in our own operations, and in the operations of our clients, through our energy-efficient products and solutions. Our aim is to be carbon neutral.

Pollution Control
We use chemicals carefully and responsibly. We seek alternatives that are less harmful to the environment. Our products are safe to use and can be disposed responsibly.

Waste Reduction
We strive to reduce waste in our operations and in the use of our products. We responsibly manage the disposal of waste by seeking reuse and recycling options. Through the SS Laser Tech Alliance, our clients are encouraged to return toner cartridges and containers for recycling.

Western Canada’s Most Professional Imaging and Printing Company

Large size allows us to offer comprehensive product listings, unmatched industry experience and economies of scale. Over 26,000 clients have trust in us. We are partnered with the largest manufacturers in the industry.  Since we locally manufacture our products, we control quality and inspire confidence.

providing-excellence-since-1998.fwReal People Return calls within 15 minutes and attend on site within one hour for emergencies. We actually answer the phone, early and late. Your consultant is in your area daily and you can see us online.

We give you unmatched peace of mind.

On Site Machine Service

We don’t use third party contractors! Your equipment is serviced before your eyes by our own Authorized and Certified technicians. We carry proof, ask us to show it! You can feel confident in knowing that SS Laser Tech employs the most knowledgeable service technicians in the industry.


No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges

We do not charge core fees, delivery surcharges, bridge tolls, pick up charges or shop materials fees. Save money, enjoy cost certainty and budget accuracy.

Community Citizenship

SS Laser Tech proudly supports the local communities in which we work.  We employ your neighbors, shop your stores, patronize your services and go to school with your children.  We continue to sponsor local charities through our community support program.

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